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No Experience Necessary

"No Experience Necessary is an extraordinary account of what it means to work. In vivid and engaging prose, the book illuminates the struggles and triumphs of insisting on a creative life. A tightly focused and engaging memoir, this is an amazing read" 


Kathy Flann, Award winning author of Smokey Ordinary and Get a Grip

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The Colors of Fear

"The Colors of Fear is an assemblage of ALL the FEELS, not just fear. The collection plays with structure and themes, swaying back and forth from the dark moody opening poem, "Empty Spaces"   to "Kathy's Haiku" which encompasses the hope of spring. From the completely relatable frustrations with neighbors in "The Alley Between Our Houses" to the loss of a pet in "Daisy's Ball", the full spectrum of emotions is on display in a direct and unflowered way." 

Laura Kate-Reckner

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One Child for Another

*Selected 10 Best Reads of 2015 by Baltimore Magazine.

*Featured on WYPR’s “The Signal”.

This honest memoir effectively captures the emotional roller coaster ride experienced by many women struggling with ambivalence, sadness, and yet, hopefulness, as they consider adoption. The Author has done the hard emotional work of putting her son's best interest at the heart of the process."

Dr. Marilyn Regier, 

The Barker Adoption Foundation

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